1. Is Google glass, and technology like it (Smart Watches, etc.) an evolutionary step in the direction of technology?   In other words, is this the direction that you see technology heading – why or why not?

I personally think the Google glass is a steppingstone for an evolutionary in the direction of technology since the smart watches or Google glass make peoples’ life more conveniently. All the wearable computing is invented to make peoples’ life more conveniently thus, it is absolutely to say that it is an evolutionary step in the direction of technology. 

2. What are some of the benefits of having technology like this?  Are there any downsides?  Consider privacy issues, copyrights, surveillance, and real-life distractions/complications.

Even though the it is a evolutionary  technology, there are downside for that. the good glass for example, it can not be fold-able and since it is located only one side of the eye thus it would make the eye sight to be bad and moreover what is more important is the privacy issue. The hands free technology is the advantage but also the disadvantage. since it’s hands free we don’t know where  a person with a good glass is watching ( someone  could watch somebody and pretend to use good glass.