I’m studying to get a solutions to my curiosity which is beyond my studying fields in the university. Furthermore, the most important reason that I’m studying is that I want to progress my career in the future and better off financially. Currently I’m studying in University at Albany, SUNY and majoring in psychology. Studying psychology gives me an interesting factors like how human behaviors changes by the environment and it really touches my curiosities but not only psychology I’m studying in variety of fields like computers, math, humanities and other language etc in order to get intelligence so that I can make a better future.

             What’s computers, computers have a right to access the internet which can provide people with enormous amount of information. Moreover, It allows people to store their needed information or schedule. Thanks to the development of computer it plays a great role in what I’m planning to do in the present and the future. For example, If I plan on getting a job interview, i really need alot of information in order to get successful achievement in the interview, and here the computer can play a crucial role. As I stated above computer can access the internet and from the internet I can get alot of information related to the job interview.