1. What happened to him?

Aaron Swartz was found dead in his Brooklyn Apartment at the age of 26 and NYC chief examiner ruled ” a death by hanging”

2.What are some of the reasons behind what happened?

Aaron went through depression and according to his girlfriend his death was caused by a persecution and a prosecution made by government and MIT since they heavily made Aaron Swartz to face the potential conviction of 35 years and up to $ 1 million in fines. Furthermore, the another reason behind his death is that some people supports that Aaron’s death is caused by a criminal  justice system that punishes innocent people who are trying to prove (Lorenzo Freanceschi-Bicchierai. 2013).

3.What does this say about some U.S. Laws?

Firstly to mention, U.S governments ups felony counts in Aaron Swartz’s case from 4 to 13. In this regard, Swartz was looking at possible 35 years sentence and over 1 million fines. To be in specific the new indictment which is 13 felonies is that Wire Fraud 2 counts, Computer Fraud 2 counts, Unlawfully obtaining information  from a protected computer 5 counts, and  recklessly damaging a protected computer 1 count .  But after his death, according to the statement made by the government “U.S Attorney Ortiz indicated that ” stealing is stealing, whether you use computer command or a crowbar, and whether you take documents, data or dollars,” 

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