“The US has warned that a Russian plan on Syrian chemical weapons must not be an excuse for “delays and avoidance”.

“There have been few details so far of Russia’s plan, but Mr Lavrov said earlier in Moscow that it was “preparing a concrete proposal which will be presented to all interested sides, including the US… a workable, specific, concrete plan”.

Syria conflict: US issues warning on chemicals plan; 10 September 2013 ;

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“After two years of trying hard to avoid involvement in a conflict that he fears could easily become a long-term quagmire, that has little popular appeal at home, and that his own Pentagon chiefs have essentially called a losing proposition, President Barack Obama stands on the edge of a military commitment in Syria”.

“The reasons the situation has come to this are many and varied, but the most complex one can be summarized in one word: Iran”.

Why Obama Is Being Pulled Into Syrian Conflict:The Most Important Reason Can Be Summarized in One Word: Iran ; CAPITAL JOURNAL updated August 26, 2013, 5:18 p.m. ET ; BY GERALD F.SEIB

my opinion

I personally think the america is doing right thing, intervening the Syria Conflict. Because if the conflict get started then there will alot of ethical problems exposing chemical materials and U.S is in the middle of the conflict, trying to prevent these things to happen.