Outsourcing is a kind of a program which is a code that will be opened for people to use. This code can be used for making applications and stuff like that. The advantages of open sources are that the cost is less and importantly, the compatibility is really high. these outsourcing can be used in companies. the disadvantages are that there can be a possibility of loss in technology and in a long run there could be difficulty in growing their men who would put all their effort to work for a company 


Wearable Computing

1. Is Google glass, and technology like it (Smart Watches, etc.) an evolutionary step in the direction of technology?   In other words, is this the direction that you see technology heading – why or why not?

I personally think the Google glass is a steppingstone for an evolutionary in the direction of technology since the smart watches or Google glass make peoples’ life more conveniently. All the wearable computing is invented to make peoples’ life more conveniently thus, it is absolutely to say that it is an evolutionary step in the direction of technology. 

2. What are some of the benefits of having technology like this?  Are there any downsides?  Consider privacy issues, copyrights, surveillance, and real-life distractions/complications.

Even though the it is a evolutionary  technology, there are downside for that. the good glass for example, it can not be fold-able and since it is located only one side of the eye thus it would make the eye sight to be bad and moreover what is more important is the privacy issue. The hands free technology is the advantage but also the disadvantage. since it’s hands free we don’t know where  a person with a good glass is watching ( someone  could watch somebody and pretend to use good glass.



what pieces of information do you consider private? if so much information is given away freely via social media , is there a problem with either corporations or the government reviewing published information

The most considerably private information is my current college transcript and social security number. Moreover if this information it does have problem with either corporation or government reviewing information. Imagine my social  security number is given away then i might get into trouble since with my social security number another person can steal my right and this problem causes the issue of identity theft

Is illegal downloading a victimless crime? Is illegal downloading different from stealing? If yes, how/why is it different?

It’s the most common argument whether illegal downloading is a victimless crime, I personally believe that it is. There is a
law called copyright exist in order to protect a person’s private work and their intellectual property. Illegally downloading means that person who is engaging in illegal downloads are trespassing someone’s intellectual property and stealing information. Furthermore, there is no difference between illegal downloading and stealing since illegal downloading means that a person is illegally downloading information which is other person’s private intellectual property.

Why are you studying? what you’re studying? How do computers play a role in what you plan on doing?

              I’m studying to get a solutions to my curiosity which is beyond my studying fields in the university. Furthermore, the most important reason that I’m studying is that I want to progress my career in the future and better off financially. Currently I’m studying in University at Albany, SUNY and majoring in psychology. Studying psychology gives me an interesting factors like how human behaviors changes by the environment and it really touches my curiosities but not only psychology I’m studying in variety of fields like computers, math, humanities and other language etc in order to get intelligence so that I can make a better future.

             What’s computers, computers have a right to access the internet which can provide people with enormous amount of information. Moreover, It allows people to store their needed information or schedule. Thanks to the development of computer it plays a great role in what I’m planning to do in the present and the future. For example, If I plan on getting a job interview, i really need alot of information in order to get successful achievement in the interview, and here the computer can play a crucial role. As I stated above computer can access the internet and from the internet I can get alot of information related to the job interview.  

Aaron Swartz founder of Reddit

1. What happened to him?

Aaron Swartz was found dead in his Brooklyn Apartment at the age of 26 and NYC chief examiner ruled ” a death by hanging”

2.What are some of the reasons behind what happened?

Aaron went through depression and according to his girlfriend his death was caused by a persecution and a prosecution made by government and MIT since they heavily made Aaron Swartz to face the potential conviction of 35 years and up to $ 1 million in fines. Furthermore, the another reason behind his death is that some people supports that Aaron’s death is caused by a criminal  justice system that punishes innocent people who are trying to prove (Lorenzo Freanceschi-Bicchierai. 2013).

3.What does this say about some U.S. Laws?

Firstly to mention, U.S governments ups felony counts in Aaron Swartz’s case from 4 to 13. In this regard, Swartz was looking at possible 35 years sentence and over 1 million fines. To be in specific the new indictment which is 13 felonies is that Wire Fraud 2 counts, Computer Fraud 2 counts, Unlawfully obtaining information  from a protected computer 5 counts, and  recklessly damaging a protected computer 1 count .  But after his death, according to the statement made by the government “U.S Attorney Ortiz indicated that ” stealing is stealing, whether you use computer command or a crowbar, and whether you take documents, data or dollars,” 

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What are STEM subjects? Do STEM jobs pay well compared to other jobs?

STEM subjects are a way of education which include variety of fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The pyramid chart showing on the right side shows the the subject fields that stem includes.Furthermore, for undergraduates students  like bachelor’s degree with less than 3 years workforce,  the highest payment is $39,700 a year, but that number can morImagee than double  for those in position in science, technology, engineering and math. This basically means the Stem jobs pay really well compare to other jobs since this STEM subjects are touching different fields and people are want STEM educated employees. In addition to that, according to a report from an article says that 63 percent of associate degrees in STEM earn more than bachelor’s degrees in non-STEM occupations and 47 percent of bachelor’s degrees in STEM occupation earn more than PH.D.s in non STEM occupation.

chart reference

STEM= Science & Technology interpreted through engineering & the arts all based in mathematical elements; STEM: a framework for teaching across the disciplines;http://www.steamedu.com/


MOOCs which stands for Massive Open Online course, is now spreading all around the world. This basically means that people can learn important things like high level of education through innovated technology, the internet. MOOCs provides people with free learning platform for higher education. Furthermore since its free learning online system it is a great opportunities for who are not be able to pay the university fees. Moreover, there has been an argument whether MOOCs can replace the place of the colleges. In this regard, the answer is currently low. There has been few universities where they adopted this system but people are not giving credits for MOOCs education yet. Furthermore, there has been an issue about cheating on the online course in the past. What’s more, even though MOOCs can provide an opportunities for learning university lectures, it cannot replace the college since college has the advantages of being face to face learning between teacher and students.


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